The most advanced PHP framework ever

Hazaar MVC is an advanced and flexible PHP 5.3+ framework designed for rapid development of todays dynamic, real-time web applications.
It just works!
Hazaar MVC has been designed from the ground up to "just work" out of the box, but without compromising flexibility.
High Performance
A lot of thought has gone into making Hazaar MVC the fastest performing MVC framework for PHP by writing smart code that dynamically loads only what you need, when you need it.
Rapid Deployment
Have a basic application up and running in seconds. Have an advanced application running in only a few seconds more.
All the things you use regularly are built-in. Even things you might not use that often. Database access, caching, authentication, background processing and much more.
Building blocks that can be used piece by piece with other applications or frameworks.
Great Support
The people (ok, person) that writes Hazaar MVC is happy to hear from you and help out or add features that you may need.