Feature List

What does Hazaar MVC have to offer? A few good reasons for using Hazaar MVC.


  • Standard Model, View, Control architecture.
  • Use basic Views (PHTML), or View Templates.
  • Built-in support for jqWidgets.
  • Support for Multiple Class Inheritence with the Extender class.
  • Realtime Signalling, Background/Delayed processing and Services with Warlock, the real-time signalling and command schedular.
  • Filesystem backends!  Access your local filesystem, Dropbox, Google or WebDAV with common code!
  • Powerful support classes such as:
    • HTML - The full HTML 5 specification has been implemented as object classes.
    • HTTP - A fast and light HTTP client suit that works how YOU want and supports SSL.
    • Map - The Array class on steroids!
    • Money - The complete money management class, including currency rate conversion!
    • Date - Enhanced data handlers with full localization!
    • XML-RPC - Create both client and servers with this feature rich suite of classes.
    • WebDAV - A full WebDAV client supporting PROPFIND and PROPPATCH.
    • CalDAV - Perform CRUD operations on CalDAV events without needing to understabd iCal!
    • Google - A basic suite of Google services helper classes.
  • It just works!